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Laser engraving and marking machines


  • Very fast marking on any metal alloy surface
  • No consumable materials
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Very long life of the laser source – tens of thousands of hours of operation
  • Possibility to mark large surfaces, with optional equipment

CO2 laser engraving and cutting machines

The Co2 laser engraving and cutting machine is the best choice if you want to cut and engrave non-metallic materials, such as plastics, wood, textile stone, rubber, paper, or engrave glass or stone.

Laser welding machines

Fiber laser welding machines operate using high-energy laser pulses. Laser welding is a new method of welding, primarily used for joining thin materials and precision parts. The working speed is very high. With a continuous mode laser source, laser welding provides high-quality welds without the need for post-treatment. The laser’s focal point can be very small, resulting in highly precise welds.


Spare Parts and Consumables

Our company is committed to providing the best maintenance solutions for all our customers. To this end, we offer a wide range of spare parts and consumables to facilitate the post-warranty maintenance process.

Laser Protection Equipment

We offer a wide range of laser protection equipment designed to ensure maximum safety during the use of laser technology. From protective glasses and screens to specialized clothing, all our products meet the strictest safety and quality standards. Ensure your team works in optimal safety conditions with our laser protection equipment.


Laser Optical System Repairs

Since 2019, we have been certified partners of Precitec GMBH, a German manufacturer of laser optical systems. We have a stock of consumables and spare parts, so please inquire beforehand when placing an order.

Shims and other Products from Thin Sheet Metal

Using pre-cut shims makes shaft alignment and other leveling tasks easier and more cost-effective. The shims we supply are made from high-quality materials and come in a wide range of sizes, suitable for any type of machinery.


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