Laser Protection Equipment

We offer a wide range of laser protection equipment designed to ensure maximum safety during the use of laser technology. From protective glasses and screens to specialized clothing, all our products meet the strictest safety and quality standards. Ensure your team works in optimal safety conditions with our laser protection equipment.

Laser Safety Eyewear

Laser Safety World© eyewear are manufactured with material of polycarbonate (except for p/n CDE and p/n ADEF-D5T90 made of glasses material ), compliant with European laser safety standards EN207, and are provided with high level of protection from laser radiation. High optical density(OD) and visible light transmittance(VLT) for its lens, the glasses have no optical distortion and are not easy to scratch. Laser Safety World© eyewear are widely applied to many areas: laser manufacture, scientific research, laser alignment system, medical and cosmetic facilities.

Laser Safety Face Shield

Laser Safety World© face shields are designed for providing protection to the face and eyes for jobs that require more protection coverage than laser eyewear offer, e. g a hand-held laser welding machine. This face shield features a ratchet adjustable nape strap for a custom fit. Constructed from durable nylon and a viewing window compliant with laser safety standards EN207. Pivoting action allows users to lift face shield while wearing.

Laser Safety Curtains

Laser Defender® curtains are provided with high-level protection from laser radiation, and meet the laser safety requirements of class 4 laser. Categorized into 2 series Laser Defender and Laser Defender Pro, Laser Defender® curtains are tested according to laser safety standards GB 7247, IEC 60825 and EN60825. In addition, conformity with CMA and CNAS, accreditation system which have been integrated to international mutual recognition, they are compliant with CE standards, and meet the threshold of European market. Widely applied to laser processing, military industry, semiconductor and medical facilities, Laser Defender® is highly appreciated by its users.

Laser Safety Barriers

Constructed of the patented panel Laser Shield 4005™ and aluminum frames, Laser Knight® is designed for the protection of kilowatt-level laser, especially for high power laser labs, laser processing workshop and laser device, with its characteristics of high level protection and flexibility. The barriers Laser Knight, when they first came out in the year of 2019,  successfully get patent for an invention in 2022. They are the first laser protective barriers with independent intellectual property rights in China.