Shims and other Products from Thin Sheet Metal

Using pre-cut shims makes shaft alignment and other leveling tasks easier and more cost-effective. The shims we supply are made from high-quality materials and come in a wide range of sizes, suitable for any type of machinery.

Advantages of using shims:

  • Cost savings: Pre-cut shims are four times more efficient than handmade ones. Think about how much time it takes to find the right thickness, the right material for making a shim. Additionally, drawing, cutting, and sanding all incur significant costs. It’s much simpler and quicker to select the desired thickness and material shim from the shelf. Installation and repair are also much easier and more feasible when using pre-cut shims.
  • Time savings: You can spend more time on production and making the factory more efficient.
  • Easy storage: Pre-cut shims can be easily stored, facilitating quick use and inventory management.
  • Safer workplace: Using shims makes the workplace safer, reducing the number of injuries from cutting and installation. For maximum safety, each shim has rounded and sanded corners.
  • Enhanced precision: In many cases, fractions of a millimeter can matter, meaning any slight inaccuracy can cause vibration, which later leads to malfunctions or costly machine stoppages.
  • Wide selection: Pre-cut shims are available in many sizes and thicknesses, summarized in the table below.