Thunder Laser Nova Series


Faster, less errors and quieter. Our original Dual Air-assist System make 3D cutting a reality.

Boost your enterprise-level wood and acrylic cutting with a spacious big laser cutting table. Achieve top-notch rotary engraving on larger laser units.

You can make more laser produces for increased productivity and bulk production capabilities with Nova laser cutting machine.

When working with thick materials, higher power and faster speed translates to cleaner, smoother edges with minimal burrs. For laser cutting materials 20mm or thicker, consider a laser cutter with a recommended power of over 60W. Thunder Nova Laser cutting machine, The best laser cutter. Acrylic Laser cutting with Thunder Laser Nova 35

Technical parametersImage gallery

Technical parameters

  • Work area: 600*400/900*600/1300*900/1600*1000 mm
  • Laser tube wattage: 40/60/80/100/130 W
  • Laser Type: CO2 Glass Laser Tube
  • Cooling: Water Cooled
  • Maximum Speed: 1000mm/s(39.4 IPS) Laser Materials :Over 12 materials including Wood, glass, metal, glass, stone, crystal, Corinne, paper, abs dual color plastic, aluminum oxide, leather, resin, spray metal etc.
  • Resolution(DPI): User controlled from 100 to 500DPI (standrd laser head), up to 1000  DPI (HR head)
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac,and Linux (Mac and Linux with lightBurn Software)
  • Buffer Memory: 128MB Standard
  • Electrical Requirements: 110 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase


  • Nova24 (40/60W)
  • Nova35 (80/100/130 W)
  • Nova51 (100/130W)
  • Nova63 (100/130W)